For mounting on the OEM battery tray. Aluminium bracket designed specifically for the Lithiumax RACE5 as well as RESTART5, RACE7+ and RESTART7 models.


Utilises a CNC machined ABS base plate with dimensions 280mm(L) x 175mm(W) x 15mm(D)s. This is a standard base tray sizes and utilise the OEM battery base lock down devices. This kit is ideal for OEM or factory type mounting, without the weight. Battery terminals can be accessed in multiple positions based on your requirements. Easy to mount. SAE terminal set also included with this kit. Upright mounting orientation.



OEM mounting kit for RACE5, RESTART5, RACE7+ and RESTART7 batteries.

  • Made from Aluminium and CNC machined ABS. Includes mounting hardware - Made in Germany


    Note: Kit includes SAE terminals