Lithiumax batteries was founded in Australia on the need for the highest quality, lightweight high performance race and road batteries. Established in 2010, Lithiumax brings you years of Lithium High Performance battery technology and experience, for all your road, off-road, boat, aircraft and race applications.


Now Australia's No.1 high performance lithium LiFePO4 batteries and accessories manufacturer, Lithiumax is a worldwide supplier of the highest quality lithium LiFePO4 road and race car, 4WD, motorcycle, powersports, aircraft and boat batteries.


Designed to be on the leading edge of quality and performance, DEKRA tested to meet tough German motorsports DMSB requirements. Lithiumax have a quality standards approach to sourcing the latest and most advanced, safe & effective lithium battery technologies available today, at the most affordable prices.


With a range of batteries at 5 power levels for various applications, Lithiumax can supply the right battery and supporting accessories you need to meet your ultra-lightweight, high-performance lithium starter battery requirements. All backed by a no-nonsense 2 or 3 year warranty.


Lithiumax delivers that Advantage.


Advantages you will notice using Lithiumax Batteries:

  1. Lighter weight - removes up to 25Kg from the weight of your vehicle. Most typically this weight is on the extremities where it is most noticed. Installing a Lithiumax battery will provide sharper handling and improved acceleration and braking as well as improvements in fuel economy.

  2. Less wear on vehicle parts. Less weight means less stress on your vehicle systems. Lithiumax batteries gives you that edge by stripping considerable unnecessary weight so that everything from your tyres to your suspension bushes, bearings, brake pads and rotors all benefit from longer life.

  3. Higher voltage enabling your vehicle systems to run at 1V higher, every electrical system in your vehicle, including critical ignition systems will improve due to the additional voltage and linear power delivery.

  4. Your Lithiumax battery will outlast any Lead-Acid or AGM/Gel battery 4 to 1. Lithiumax batteries can deliver over 2000 charge and discharge cycles versus approx 500 with Lead-Acid/AGM/Gel cells. Lithiumax batteries are built to last.